Forrest slaps down Taylor's 'gas' branding

On October 6th, Fortescue Metals Group announced shifting the plant entirely to green hydrogen to achieve its net-zero emission. It urged the government to set a clear target for net-zero emissions 2050. Angus Taylor, the federal Energy Minster, said the natural gas is to help Australia from the COVID-19 recession with the gas-fired recovery concept. The heated debate is around the conflict between increasing fossil fuel use and reaching net zero-emission goals.

Fortescue believes hydrogen could replace coking coal as a reductant in the steelmaking industry and plans to produce "green" hydrogen 15 million tonnes a year using renewable electricity by 2030. This Financial year, Fortescue intends to invest between $US400 million and $US600 million in hydrogen, ammonia and renewables projects and build a green hydrogen business in TAS and WA.

BHP planned to have net zero-emission in its suppliers and shipping providers by 2050, while Rio has pledged to work with customers to reduce emissions across its value chain by 2050. Alcoa, a major producer of bauxite, alumina, and aluminium in Australia, has also been working on how to replace the traditional gas in its power with a more significant proportion of clean energy, such as hydrogen.



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